Oval Ice Fusion Paint Brush

Released in the summer of 2019, the Ice Fusion brush has been hailed as being one of the best brushes on the market.

Each element of the brush was designed with the professional decorator in mind. From the tapered Shard filaments to the seamless ferrule, Ice Fusion Paint Brushes have made an impression on decorators across the nation.

This year, (two years after the release of five Ice Fusion Brushes), we will be launching seven new brushes in three different styles.

Ice Fusion Paint Brush

The Oval Paint Brush

One of those styles is the Oval Ice Fusion Paint Brush, which is surely a candidate for the best-looking brush on the market: the seamless ferrule combined with the oval curvature makes it quite the object of beauty. Of course, we didn’t add the oval brush to the range to win a beauty contest – there are much more practical reasons. Oval brushes are preferred by some decorators and, once converted, they become very loyal to the oval shape – we’ve had a few long conversations on the subject with pros who test products for us.

Oval Paint Brush

Why is this?

Firstly, the oval shape gives better cutting in lines: the head shape tapering at each end to a finer point than flat brushes gives noticeably more precision and control.

Secondly, oval paint brushes are masters of all types of surface, not just regular flat surfaces. Contoured and irregular shapes such as skirting, architrave and mouldings are easier to cover when using an oval brush. The oval profile of the brush filaments allows the brush to mould to the profile of a surface better than a rectangular brush, giving fewer missed spots and requiring fewer strokes.

Finally, the oval shape creates a large reservoir in the brush head, giving excellent paint pick up, smooth flow through the stroke for better coverage and less frequent reloading for more efficient painting.

The new Oval Brushes come with the Ice Fusion features that made the original range so popular. These include our secret synthetic filaments with their Shard tapering, Form Recovery Technology for razor-sharp cutting lines and seamless ferule.

Oval Brushes are available in sizes:

1” Oval Brush

1.5” Oval Brush

2” Oval Brush



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