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Ice Fusion Brushes Tony

Was given a ice fusion from the decorating show about 3 years ago lovely brush used it every day no lose of bristles and holds it shape

Ice Fusion Brushes Leigh

Amazing brushes! Use them everyday, forget Purdy and over priced brands because they do the same job for a fraction of the cost! Super!

Ice Fusion Brushes Marky

Having tried the more expensive brands over the years, I'm happy I discovered the Ice Fusion range, great value for money, well recommended.

Ice Fusion Brushes Mick

Been painting for 25 years, Hands down the best I have used, Got everyone in my company using all different ProDec items, Brilliant !!!!!!

Ice Fusion Brushes Leah cunnimgham

Could not fault these brushes as I use them everyday. Amazing, thanks ProDec!

Ice Fusion Brushes Baz

Have been using ice fusion brushes for 8 weeks now. Very impressive paint pick up and flow. Definitely my go to brush. Highly recommended

Ice Fusion Brushes Darren Card

Wasn't sure about these brushes until I got into using them with water based woodwork finishes. Now they are my go-to.

Ice Fusion Brushes Andrew O’Connell

Nice & smooth and a pleasure to have in the hand.

Ice Fusion Brushes Mb

Superb brushes use them on every job, better than any out there.

Ice Fusion Brushes Dave

Been a Purdy man for years, I changed to Ice Fusion to give them a go and I’m glad I did. Excellent pick up, no bristle loss, quality brush.

Ice Fusion Brushes Tattooaz

OMG! where have you been all my life !
My wife brought me a set of ProDec Ice Fusion brushes for my birthday .Total game changer. Awesome.

Ice Fusion Brushes Paul

Unbelievable quality, I won’t use any other brushes than Ice fusion . Excellent quality at a reasonable price

Ice Fusion Brushes tester99

I needed to find a new affordable go to brush from my local stocklist so tried out the ice fusion and love them!

Ice Fusion Brushes Rob

By far the best brushes I have used yet.
The bristles are still keeping together for a smooth paint flow for gloss, eggshell and emulsion.

Ice Fusion Brushes Jenkins

Top quality brushes. Great price too. Made the job look lovely. Decent finish and just glides along. Would highly recommend. 10/10

Ice Fusion Brushes gs jassar

I have used Ice Fusion brushes for the first time. These brushes are exceptional and the best I have used.They give excellent paint finish.

Ice Fusion Brushes JennyC

Free sample at P&D Show in November 2019 - sadly fallen apart whilst washing after only 2nd use - very disappointing.

Ice Fusion Brushes Derek Andrews

Very pleased with the quality of these brushes I have used all the other leading brands Purdy, Wooster Hamilton , Great cutting in and load

Ice Fusion Brushes PeBo

Ice Fusion brushes simply 'melt' in your hands, so you can produce a superior, crystal sharp finish, with every brush stroke.

Ice Fusion Brushes Chris

I have been using Purdy brushes for the last 20 years,
I am now a convert to the ice fusion brushes
Hands down as good if not better

Ice Fusion Brushes steveb

one of the best brushes have use for a long time

Ice Fusion Brushes Drew

I've used these brushes for some time now, the quality is second to none, from the finished painted trim/walls to how easy they clean up.

Ice Fusion Brushes Stuart

Best brushes I've ever purchased hold the paint nice cutting in brushes hold there shape and easy to wash out what else could a painter nee

Ice Fusion Brushes Michael

Superb brushes excellent in all paints and a joy to work with would happily pick these over most brushes out there

Ice Fusion Brushes Rick

Honestly the best brushes I've ever used they flow extremely well! And come in a plastic protective package, customer service is spot on

Ice Fusion Brushes DJN Painting Co.

Absolute superb brushes for a crisp line when cutting in. Smooth and a free flow action. Great value for money too. I would highly recommend

Ice Fusion Brushes Rick

The ice fusion brushes are the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with! They hold a decent amount of paint giving you longer fuller

Ice Fusion Brushes Lottiemc1

I fully recommend ProDec brushes for a super finish, glides on most surfaces easily.ProDec for the best brushes great value 5***** earned.

Ice Fusion Brushes Nagol

They have barely any bristle loss and are high quality for a cheap price.

Ice Fusion Brushes Andy

Absolutely love using these brushes, really excited about the oval ones coming out next year..

Ice Fusion Brushes Nez

Purchased a set of the ice fusion brushes and I must say they are wonderful to use. Sharp cutting in and keep their shaoe so well.

Ice Fusion Brushes Chris

Excellent brushes allow for precise cutting in. Highly recommend.

Ice Fusion Brushes willie

very good brushes hold the paint well & wash out well

Ice Fusion Brushes Ty

Love the brushes fantastic

Ice Fusion Brushes Craig fuller

I always use ProDec brushes, but the ice fusion brushes are a new favourite. I use the 1" daily for cutting in and its still like new.

Ice Fusion Brushes Victor falcon

I bought this brushes by a suggestion from Brewers Ashford, I was looking for brushes that would give me a smooth finish, best brushes ever.

Ice Fusion Brushes Corrso

The best brush I’ve come across in years. Will be buying more for all my workers as I’m getting the job done quicker & tidier.

Ice Fusion Brushes Hedaz31

First class will be getting some more of these brushes cant rate them enough wish there were more stars

Ice Fusion Brushes Drew

I’ve used the Ice Fusion for the first time. Amazing brush that holds paint well and glides effortlessly. It cleans brilliantly. 100% brush

Ice Fusion Brushes Mubbymap

Good brushes,mainly use 2" nice to hold , and holds good amount of paint. Cuts in well, overall very impressed

Ice Fusion Brushes pricey

there are the best brushes I have ever used.

Ice Fusion Brushes Dan

Ice fusion brushes are up there with the best. Quality flow

Ice Fusion Brushes Paddy

Been using the 2'ice fusion on paneled doors &Trim I've been impressed with the finish unlike other brushes they don't clogg up,Great for WB

Ice Fusion Brushes Kevin Comfort

Holds the paint well, kept its shape perfectly. Ideal for cutting in due to its chiselled edge.

Ice Fusion Brushes Antilles1973

My almost one year old brush still in good nick! Washes out beautifully, back to shape every time. Winner winner in my eyes!

Ice Fusion Brushes David ball

I was lucky enough to get hold of the ice fusion brushes before release, as a decorator so stuck in my ways, Ice fusion has change the game!

Ice Fusion Brushes Drew

Perfect great brushes

Ice Fusion Brushes Pgray83

Well what can I say.perfect brush. I managed to get hold of one of these at the p&d show and was given the talk about how good they are.

Ice Fusion Brushes Dazza

ice fusion brushes look & feel good I thought a bit soft at first but Soon got used to that & found them to be very impressive easy to clean

Ice Fusion Brushes Scottish Dec

Effortless Cutting in.
Flawless Lay off ability.
Plastic sleeve a great addition.
Brush looks really smart.
Game changer for brushes.

Ice Fusion Brushes Scottish Dec

The plastic sleeve is a great addition
The brush looks incredible
Effortless cutting in
Fantastic lay off abilities
Game changer

Ice Fusion Brushes BillyWiz

These are the 'swiss army knife' of brushes. A versatile pros brush. A brush for all water-based applications.

Ice Fusion Brushes Csdec94

There ok but after time tend to shed bristles quicker than a similar product in this price range.

Ice Fusion Brushes Lorraine

Bought these brushes a few days ago. Nice to handle, holds a good amount of paint, and good for cutting in. Mainly use the 2" brush!

Ice Fusion Brushes Jay

Wow what can I say. Amazing brushes! They load well, great for cutting in and leave an exceptional finish and great value for money!

Ice Fusion Brushes Teddy

Fantastic product

Ice Fusion Brushes Teddy

Ice Fusion Brushes Martin

The Ice Fusion brush is THE best brush I've ever used bar none !! The finish it leaves is unbelievable, I'm sticking with these now !

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