Reviews of ProDec Products

Paint Can Opener Tony the painter

Very useful. Also attached it to my van keys for easy access when needed.

12″ Heavyweight Stainless Steel Shears Gordy on the phone

Just the right weight and razor sharp. Can't fault them.

Taping Knives Aidan

Excellent taping knifes. All sizes are great for the internal/external and general taping. Can’t fault them at all.

Titan Heavy Duty Scrapers James

I have used the Titan Blades & Scrapers for a few years now, and can honestly say they are flawless. Great for stripping old wallpaper etc.

Titan Heavy Duty Scrapers Tiddles

There is nothing close in the market to this Titan of scrapers. It is a beast of the workplace.
PS don't forget to turn the blade around

Magnetic Paintbrush Holder Tony painter

Been using the paint brush holder for some time very useful stops my brushes falling into my kettle or onto the floor

Caulking Blades pedro

good bit of kit

Paint Can Opener Tony69

Very useful little tool got it hanging up in my van no more using my van keys to open paint tins

Paint Can Opener Tony painter

Use the paint can opener all the time very study extra benefit is the ring at the top so I can hang it up in my van without getting lost

Magnetic Paintbrush Holder Tony painter

Purchased these a while back. Simple but effective. Saves brushes falling in the pit of paint, very useful.

11″ Stainless Steel Scissors Paddy B

Been papering all week & using the ProDec stainless Steel scissors. Very impressed with the precision & quality of these. A cut above the rest.

Paint Can Opener Matt F

Brilliant bit of kit, truly does the job and is comfortable to use.

Magnetic Paintbrush Holder Anne

Great product- such a simple yet innovative idea! Unfortunately it didn't last long before the plastic part that holds the hinge pin snapped

Multi-Purpose Paste Table Jay

5* Pasting Table, very sturdy, easy to clean & a great size to use for most paper sizes. So impressed will get a couple more for the team.

Wallpaper Smoothers Am painting and Decorating services

Always use pro Dec great value for money

Wallpaper Smoothers Paul iakes

Like this new flexible roller frame , I’m able to get more force on the paper so there’s less chance of it coming loose in the future

Vinyl Smoothers Jamie

A very handy tool to have in the papering kit. Lightweight and precise. Easy to use.

Duragrip Filling Knives Gordy

Great knife and doesn't rust, so added bonus.

Paint Can Opener matt

Fantastic product, so simple to use and saves cans from getting damaged from use of screwdrivers.

Multi-Purpose Paste Table Pwdec

Great solid table easy wipe clean put up in seconds great to see a value for money past table on the market was that good I got 2

Multi-Purpose Paste Table TDec85

Multi-Purpose Paste Table jen the dec

Had the prodec paste table for 2 years now and still going strong.
still just as sturdy as the day i got it

Sheepskin Painting Mitt CT Painting

Rosewood Filling Knives Carl

Great comfort in hand and the blade has just the right amount of flex to get a great finish

Caulking Guns Paul

PRODEC professional heavy duty revolving caulking gun was nearly new and useless. Would not work on high viscosity grab adhesive.

Hi - thanks for your feedback. Do you think you could send some more information to me at and I can look into this for you? Thanks.

12″ Heavyweight Stainless Steel Shears Carl

Nice to see dual handed scissors being a lefty it was a pleasure to use these scissors very sharp made light work of heavy embossed wallpape

Paint Can Opener Carl

Great little tool, everyone comments what a great idea. Great quality for the price. Top job PD

Titan Heavy Duty Scrapers Peter the painter

Rugged, brute of a tool. Good grips, so won't slip out of wet hands. Takes the ‘sweat’ out of stripping. Safe. Best £12 quid spent.

Rosewood Paint Scrapers NAT

Well built product, pretty sure will last a long time.

Rosewood Filling Knives Peterthepainter

Great to see a wooden handle, good tactile feel in the hand. Flexible blade bent over 90 degrees. Solid riveting. Nice weight and shape

Multi-Purpose Paste Table Chunk

Was a brilliant table so sturdy. Looks nice and does the job

Drill Fit Stirrer Dex

Saves straining your arm

Duragrip Seam Roller Buller

Very good

Caulking Blades Caulking Blades Review

The quickest way to fill large areas is with these caulking blades. Just the right flex and good prices. I've got all 3 sizes.

Titan Heavy Duty Scrapers Titan Scraper Review

Great bit of kit ideal for removing wall paper

Caulking Blades Caulking Blades Review

The quickest way to fill large areas is with these caulking blades. Just the right flex and good prices. I've got all 3 sizes.

Magnetic Paintbrush Holder Magnetic Paintbrush Holder Review

I've tried every magnetic brush holder there is, and this is the best as your brush can be held at 2 angles. I've got 4 of these!

Rosewood Filling Knives Rosewood Filling Knives Review

I've tried dozens of filling knives over the years, these rosewood knives have just the right flex for filling. I've got the whole range.

Skeleton Caulking Gun Skeleton Caulking Gun Review

Great and tough caulking gun. I think I had it now for about 3 years. I use it on daily basis and it still works well. Worth every penny.

Revolving Caulking Gun Revolving Caulking Gun Review

Great and tough caulking gun. I think I had it now for about 3 years. I use it on daily basis and it still works well. Worth every penny.

Rosewood Paint Scrapers Rosewood Paint Scraper Review

Great solid feel to handle gives confidence for use, strong flexible and durable blade makes ease of job. Nice all round package and value.

Caulking Blades Caulking Blades Review

Really great for uneven surfaces and for filling big gaps. Great bit of kit.

Reviews of ProDec Products

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