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Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape David Mowbray

Faultless. No bend when applying and no bleed with paint or spray. Sharp lines every time and easily removed leaving no damage. 10/10

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Stu

Fantastic tape. Easy on peel off. No bleed. Life saver in certain situations. Always have a roll on the go.

Masking Tape Gray

My go-to for painters tape

Masking Tape TRP Decorator

Precision tape protects surfaces and gives clean lines every time.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Paddy B

10/10 for Precision Edge Masking Tape. No bleeding and crisp lines. I like how it can be readjusted if needed without losing any performance.

Masking Tape Gareth

I've had nothing but flawless finishes with every product purchased from this awesome company.

Masking Tape Andrew Devonshire

Absolutely awesome tape that does the job time after time to perfection.

Masking Tape Kevin

We always use the yellow ProDec tape on all our projects. It's particularly great on taping windows, pvc doors and hard flooring.

Low Tack Masking Tape Ishy

Been using this low tack tape for about 10 years, tried other brands at same price range and nothing compares. Great stuff!

Masking Tape Brenda b

Masking Tape Beautique Interiors

The yellow delicate masking tape is my tool box must have! I use it daily in my furniture painting business its the only tape I’ll use now

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape David Mowbray

Best tape I've ever used. Sharp lines and no pull on paint. Won't use any other

Precision Edge Masking Tape Gaz

Prodec tape low tac and normal Precision Edge by far the best product on the market. Use it all the time never lets me down.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Emma

I absolutely love the precision edge masking tape in my furniture designs. Perfect for poker straight edges needed for geometric patterns

Precision Edge Masking Tape James Holcroft

Just used all round skirting board to get a nice neat gloss, pulled tape off and it’s took the emulsion paint with it, stay well clear

Precision Edge Masking Tape Unhappy customer

This tape pulls off any paint on the wall. Stuck tape around woodwork to start glossing & it’s lifted all the paint on the wall. Not happy.

General Purpose Masking Tape Sharlene

Had a carpet that wouldn't take to any of the tapes I have... Ciret … Fossa … got a roll from Teeside Decorating Centre. Saved my bacon :-)

Precision Edge Masking Tape Hannah

I use this masking tape on a daily basis and it's the best tape I've ever used. I have 100% faith in it. Razor sharp lines, no paint bleed.

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Ben

Fantastic tape. Used on raised wallpaper that was coated with emulsion the day before. No paint pull and a great razor sharp line.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Tonybear

Purchased from my local Toolstation. Can't fault it, no bleed edge leaves a nice crisp line when removed. On a par with other top brands

Precision Edge Masking Tape David

Bought instead of Frog Tape. It's a very poor imitation which lifts the paint from the surface it has been applied to. Avoid very poor product

Low Tack Masking Tape Quality

Poor product backing adhesive stuck to pained timber surface on removal of tape after 3 hours white spirit does not remove

Precision Edge Masking Tape Jason

Absolutely love the Precision tape, perfect edges every time & good adhesion even on difficult surfaces....... I can't fault it.

Masking Tape Weetraceyb21

Love the masking tape! Did a perfect job on my light fittings and sockets while painting the kitchen! Protects well and no leaks!

Precision Edge Masking Tape C.F Services

Precision edge tape is great and a goood price too. I even used it outside and it works ok. Not the best for a clean edge but half the price

Low Tack Masking Tape Dave Binks

The tape looks brilliant it’s easy to work with Zero residue left after 2 days and peels off a dream, my new low tack go to!!

Precision Edge Masking Tape Just james

Fantastic product, plus not a rip-off on price.
Very good value for the money

Low Tack Masking Tape Brora James

Just great stuff to use as an all-rounder

Low Tack Masking Tape Stuart Allen

Great tape. I have used some big name tapes, but this beats them all for precision lines and is low tack on the wallpaper and fresh paint.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Jason

Absolutely love this tape, very clean lines but with great adhesion.

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Samuel Addo

Having tried various brands of low tack tape, Tesa, Frog Tape, Deltec. This is our favourite. Sticks consistently. Doesn’t lift paint. Great

Precision Edge Masking Tape Mike

Great tape. Use up to 10 rolls a week, easy to remove doesn't bleed and is quite tough :)

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Roy L

Best tape I have used ever, I have found it better than the other named brands. Easy to use, rigid enough, easy to remove no bleeding.

Low Tack Masking Tape Bruce

Great to use, no paint bleeds through. Nice sharp lines.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Hammo

Tried one of these recently and really impressed. Great edge. Thin tape. Strong adhesion. Came up without tearing too badly.

General Purpose Masking Tape Webby

Can’t fault it and good price too

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Mick

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape James

Hopeless cost me hours of repairs to damaged painted surfaces! Peeled off paint when removed, bled through in quite a few areas, rubbish.

Precision Edge Masking Tape TDEC85

I’ve been using this precision tape for a while now, razor sharp lines every time and is such better value than other brands out there.

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Ben Bailey

Terrible tape I wouldn't even give it 1 star. I've just used it on some stained stair treads, painted the strings and it's leaked under

Hi - I'm sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with ProDec's Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape. I'll pass your feedback onto the Products Managers. Once again, I'm really sorry to hear about this issue.

Double Sided Tape Mark

Best tape i like the yellow and green pro dec best lines ever never lets me down highly recommend
Use it every day on jobs

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Dr D Wilson

ProDec Advance Precision Edge Masking Tape.
Not fit for purpose

Hello - I'm sorry to hear you've had an issue with the Precision Edge Masking Tape. Could you send some more information to so I can look into this for you? Many thanks.

Long Life Masking Tape Dave

Great tape! Highly recommendable, been using this tape for a year now and can't see past it. Very good value for money!

Precision Edge Masking Tape Aaron

Great for sharp edges nightmare to take off tares & rips of in small peices

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Carl

First time using the low tack P/E tape was very impressed seems to be just the right tackiness could be re-prositioned many times NO Bleed

Precision Edge Masking Tape Carl

Best tape on the market , better priced than others. Would be nice to have more sizes available

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Monkey

Excellent product does a great job. Definitely use this again

Precision Edge Masking Tape Paint Pot Ladies

What a tape.
I never leave my kit bag without it.
Easy to use and has no bleed though. A fantastic tape the only one I use.

Precision Edge Masking Tape M.s.decorators

Had some black stripes to paint on a white wall wow what a tape easy to apply easier to remove no bleed thru whatsoever

Precision Edge Masking Tape Priceless

Not a bad tape there was no paint bleeding. But took paint off the surface it was stuck to.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Tea lady

What a fantastic tape. Being a painter decorator means you need a good tape that doesn't let paint bleed though. I use this every day.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Ric

Used this tape recently and was very impressed, left a crisp clean edge customer over the moon with the finished job.
Thanks Prodec

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape RoyF

Used the ProDec Low Tack to tape a papered wall prior to painting coving. It was spot on straight line and no tearing the wallpaper.

Low Tack Masking Tape Tweetie

Low tack tape, best I've used.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Cam

Must be one of the best on the market

Low Tack Masking Tape Low Tack Precision Edge Review

Good tape for protecting floors, just used on an oak floor with no bleed through and easy release. Good price, my turn to general tape

Precision Edge Masking Tape Precision Edge Review

So far it has done everything I've asked of it. Will be buying more.

Wet Paint Tape Wet Paint Tape Review

Masking Paper Precision Edge Review

No bleeding and removes from existing paint walls fine. Needs to be peeled in a certian way, avoid major flaking which required rework 2/10

Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape Low Tack Precision Edge Review

Used to get a straight edge with floor paint, left for 2 days and pulled up fine with no bleed through. Good stuff.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Precision Edge Review

Doesn't bleed and easy to remove. Great to put on and I get at half price of Frog Tape! Winner!

Precision Edge Masking Tape Precision Edge Masking Tape Review

Sharp edges, clean pull off. The best masking tape I've used for a long time.

Low Tack Masking Tape Low Tack Precision Edge Review

I've been in the painting trade for over 20 years and it still amazes me that ProDec do amazing quality at an amazing price.

Precision Edge Masking Tape Precision Edge Review

In my 32 years in the Painting & Decorating Trade this product is by far the best I've ever used, highly recommend it to all professionals,

Precision Edge Masking Tape Precision Edge Review

In my 32 years in the Painting & Decorating Trade this product is by far the best I've ever used, highly recommend it to all professionals,

Precision Edge Masking Tape Precision Edge Review

I buy this tape by the box. Sticks well, but not too well! Certainly leaves sharp edges.
This is my go to edge tape.

Reviews of ProDec Products

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