Reviews of ProDec Products

Ice Fusion Paint Roller shmucky

I had 44 cupboard doors and drawer fronts that needed to be painted, so this product had top work. They are amazing! Could not recommend highly enough.

Microfibre Mini Rollers Lyds

Love these little rollers. Great product. Flawless finish.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller John

Performs excellently. I like the included storage bags. The ProDec angled brushes are also great for cutting in. Zero fibre loss.

Super Lock Extension Poles Chris Sumbler

Just got the Titan Roller Frame. Feels strong and rolls brilliantly. Good build and price.

Titan No Break Cage Frames Gray

Spot on. I bought 2! Won't use anything else now.

Super Lock Extension Poles Stevie

I have tried and tested every type of sleeve and cage. ProDec outshines, by far, competitors in value and performance.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Matthew Robson

Simply amazing! I have been using the 4 inch rollers for a long time now and they've never let me down. Best on the market.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Bigdjay

Excellent rollers and brushes. As a self-employed decorator, these products are all I use now.

Titan No Break Cage Frames Gaz

I recently purchased a heavy duty roller along with the roller pole and wow! The heavy duty roller looks and feels like a quality product.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Bowks

Absolutely brilliant rollers. Great coverage. Brilliant performance and an amazing finish.

Titan No Break Cage Frames Stefan

Outstanding roller cages. You feel the quality as soon as you pick it up. It has a solid weight to it and the performance is great, too.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Andy

Great product.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Finishing Touch P&D

Used both 9" ice rollers on flat doors and the finish looked like I sprayed them. A+++

Paint Roller Trays Darren

An employee requested the 15” tray instead of scuttle. Excellent price and good quality. Much easier to fill roller with paint and it doesn’t bend.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Lewis

Fantastic rollers! Great finish and carry loads of paint. I wish ProDec would make an 18inch Ice Fusion roller sleeve, too.

Microfibre Cage Rollers Locky

Excellent roller for paint pick up applying and leaves a lovely finish

Emulsion Roller Kits Pebbles

They are quite simply great quality and quite simple easy to use. Flawless finish every time. Roll on more painting.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Gone Missing Marshy

Industry's best roller sleeve, it made our kitchen cupboard doors & wood trim look like I had sprayed the surface and not used a roller.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller G.M.M.

Was suggested to me by a great merchants in Pontypridd, S-Wales. This the best roller I have used in my 34 year career.

Microfibre Mini Rollers Indy

My favourite mini rollers, great finish and a smaller diameter to other brands meaning they fit behind nooks and crannies much better

Button Lock Extension Poles BigMac180

After 20 years,I have found the prodec 4 button lock poles the best about for me, lightweight, easy to use, durable. I use 2-4, 4-8, 6-12ft

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Mark

My new go to rollers , hold paint ever so well , leave a great finish, I'm a true convert

Super Lock Extension Poles Finishing touch P and D

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Jimmyp

Best finish I've seen from a roller sleeve. Outstanding. Won't use anything else now.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Dickie lad

Absolutely brilliant, the best finish from a roller I’ve seen. So easy to clean up too. Would recommend to anyone, even my cat!

Microfibre Mini Rollers Jpdecor

Tried the microfibre & the ice fusion brushes.
I must say I’m well impressed the finish is brilliant, definitely my new brand to use now.

Wooden Handle Cage Frames Rae of Colour

Outstanding durability and sturdy love the ProDec products from brushes right through to the ProDec paste table.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Keith

Ice fusion 9” roller sleeve are by far the best I’ve used!
The finish you get with them is really smooth!
Great value for money gear

Foam Mini Rollers Jilly

As a self employed boat painter, I always use ProDec rollers. Affordable and a professional finish.

Super Lock Extension Poles Dee

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Bob

Have just started to use the 12 inch Ice Fusion paint roller, and it's the best paint roller on the market.

Ice Fusion 4" Roller Finishing Touch P and D

Used a ProDec Ice Fusion 4" roller for the 1st time with a oil base stain. Lovely flat and smooth finish the skirtings look like I had sprayed them.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Mr C

Have used quite a few different mini rollers, trying to find some that give a decent finish. The Ice Fusion ones are now my go to mini roller.

4′ – 7′ Aluminium Extension Pole Tanya

Excellent product
Helped me finish the job in half the time as I didn’t have to fiddle with make shift extension poles
Would 100% recomend

Titan No Break Cage Frames sian

When you’ve loaded your roller & roll off the excess on the side of your skuttle it doesn’t roll it smears.

Superlock Extension Poles Andy paolo

I can’t recommend this product. I’ve had it six months and the whole spring lock has just fallen apart. And tool station won’t replace.

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Mark hicks

Used a 4" Ice Fusion roller for the 1st time and must say doesn't clog up on pole, gives a nice smooth finish on walls easy to clean ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ice Fusion Paint Roller Nick Paint

I have used the ice fusion 4” mini rollers for several years now and would use no other. Pro decorator. Oxford.

Superlock Extension Poles AH

Excellent piece of kit. Rigid and controllable even when extended fully. I used it with a window squeegee attached to clean conservatory roof.

Foam Mini Rollers JaranF

Ice Fusion Dave C

Without doubt the best roller that I have ever used.

Sheepskin Cage Rollers Pete the painter

I wanted a roller that was better than the usual ones, although twice the cost, the performance of this roller out ways the price. Brilliant!

Super Lock Extension Poles Derek

Great product. Yes, the pole locks as it should. However, tested the roller on the fitting on the end and now cannot get the roller off.

Woven Acrylic Mini Rollers Mckay86

I use these rollers for full coating containers the overall finish is really good. I can make one last almost a full 8 hour day if covered

Titan No Break Cage Frames Priv44

Broke within a week off using it

Foam Mini Rollers gretschfishing

i purchased these for gloss painting and was very disappointed to find that the foam roller detaches from the plastic sleeve very quickly

Microfibre Mini Rollers Al

Used these to repaint 5 doors with gloss paint. Really good finish and even coating. No bits came out of the roller. Great!

1.2m Fixed Extension Pole Ajdec

Love the new ice fusion 4inch roller sleeves brilliant for applying oil based paints

4″ Solvent Resistant Mini Rollers Roddy MacLennan Bosun

Approved by Big Roddy

Super Lock Extension Poles Gordy

No probs with the pole but you are missing a trick without your own quick release set up like Wooster or Purdy.

Sheepskin Cage Rollers Tom

Been using the 9 inch long pile sheepskin roller on rental properties this last month, absolutely superb, wouldn't use anything else now.

Titan No Break Cage Frames ash

A well built item, but one small thing it states locking nut, guessing this is for the sleeve but no instructions? it seems to have a cap

Titan No Break Cage Frames Michael Spearman

Fantastic cage does exactly as it says been using this range as well as the other screw fit for a couple of years and never any issues

Microfibre Cage Rollers Beasley

Absolutely brilliant rollers. I use the medium pile, and it gives great pick up and release of paint with really good consistency.

Stick Frames Oliverspd

Flexible Roller Arm
Such a simple but effective idea!
Massive knuckle saver! Dont smash my hands trying to get in tight spaces. Love it

Ice Fusion Westside

Been using the ice fusion rollers lately, and I must say what an amazing product. No lint and decent pick up, also at a decent price. 5 Star

Ice Fusion Poloman

Very good roller, built well, long-lasting, applies paint with ease not bad pick up of paint not badly priced but more than happy to buy.

Ice Fusion Poloman

This roller is well made, well built, long lasting, the paint pick up is decent it spreads on the surface nicely.

Ice Fusion Paddy Browne

Excellent sleeves, been using these in oil based products Undercoat/Gloss/eggshell/Varnish, works straight in, Leaving a superb finish .

Ice Fusion Diamond decor

prodec ice fusion 9” roller.
It needs a bit more paint, a bit more pressure, and does spray a bit more but leaves a beautiful finish.

Ice Fusion Liz

holds lots of paint, leaves a nice smooth finish and washes up a treat in the machine. Can be used over and over again. Great value.

Ice Fusion Grady

Used the ice fusion roller great finish very impressed will be buying more. Best I've used.

Ice Fusion James

This roller is a fantastic bit of kit am glad it's in my collection. It makes rolling an easy job paint pick up is good.

Mini Roller Frames Joe wright

Mini rollers sleeves fit perfectly, therefore, allowing us to carry out a high standard of work. Also, the handle on the frame is comfortable

Ice Fusion Adam kelly

By far the best rollers I have ever used. Excellent finish

Ice Fusion Al

Fantastic rollers

Ice Fusion Anastasia Widdison

I had heard mixed reviews but found it much better than expected.

Emulsion Roller Kits Sam

As a painter and decorator I'm always trying new items and this was an excellent purchase. Very good finish and easy to clean.

Microfibre Cage Rollers Maximus

The medium pile microfiber are nicer to use then Hamilton and the purdy white Dove and the finish is better. Washing them out is easier too!

Gloss Pile Mini Rollers Kfxmark

Brilliant great finish top marks

Mini Roller Frames Carl

Need a new flexi roller for behind object, found prodec did one, super value and quality as you would expect. Nice one Prodec

Ice Fusion Gary

Bought a pack of the ice fusion mini roller heads to try out in WB satin Unreal how good they are. the finish excelled my expectations

Ice Fusion Abi

I am a level 3 apprentice who has used Purdy and Hamilton in the past and now the Ice Fusion brushes are my brush of choice.

Ice Fusion Pgray83

Must say one of the best all round mini rollers I have used especially for oil based paint and the resealable bag works a treat for keeping

Ice Fusion Bluevan

Excellent rollers have used 4 and 9 inch to apply finish coat to mdf wardrobes and wood panelling. Gave excellent finish and no marks

Ice Fusion Soph

Excellent rollers

Ice Fusion Ashley e

Absolutely brilliant, dare I say better than purdy

Ice Fusion Carlos

Very good..holds enough paint and provides an excellent finish.

Ice Fusion Josh

One of the best, if not the best roller I’ve ever used! The finish is absolutely fantastic! Like spray finish! Top quality!!

4″ Heavy Duty Mini Rollers Woody

This is one of my favourite rollers. Even tho it's not designed for oil based paints, I use it all the time in this way

Ice Fusion Darcy

Best rad rollers I've ever used will definitely looking into all products from the Ice Fusion range

Microfibre Mini Rollers first choice decorating

Been using the prodec advance 12" short pile roller head and can 100% say it covarage and flatness as tradesmen there one the best

Emulsion Roller Kits Russie007

Prodec long pile 9" roller heads excellent for all trade and private usage, 36 years decorating exp. Thoroughly recommend

Ice Fusion kenb

shortpile microfibres ref. ARRE002 - lot of trouble with loose bits of material coming out, tried a second one, just as bad.

4′ – 7′ Aluminium Extension Pole Webby

Thumbs up from me, not too heavy

Ice Fusion Jungle

Quality products at quality prices very happy customer

4″ Solvent Resistant Mini Rollers Riv

Excellent rollers no fibres came of them and great finish.

Button Lock Extension Poles Justin

Comfortable to use, secure locking system & good end grip - far better than the more expensive super lock design.

Super Lock Extension Poles Justin

With the roller cradle & roller fitted it is far too heavy to use comfortably. Grip end pointless as too large and cumbersome. Avoid.

Emulsion Roller Kits Andy

These mini roller are great for good coverage, and so light and easy to use, ProDec great quality at a great price

Ice Fusion TDEC85

10 out of 10 for the finish but an absolute nightmare to wash out... ended up putting them in the washing machine.... wife was not happy.

Titan No Break Cage Frames TDEC85

I can honestly say these are the best roller frames I’ve ever used. Bought 3 of them about 5 years ago and they’re still going strong.

Titan No Break Cage Frames Steve Wood

Have tried many roller frames over the years and these are by far the best

Ice Fusion Clifford Wilson

What an amazing finish, leaves others way a drift for the price, well done Pro Dec

4″ Heavy Duty Mini Rollers fran

Absolutely brilliant! Will definitely be buying again

Microfibre Mini Rollers Gary

For the value these mini roller heads are excellent and leave a nice finish.

Ice Fusion Gazpaints

Had a mini ice roller head, a bit sceptical of all the promises, however it was everything they said it would be. Will be investing in more.

Ice Fusion Carling

Used the 4In ice roller to paint a wood panalled stairwell
Excellent finish great rollers

Ice Fusion Jeff

Used the new lint free Ice Fusion roller for the first time and was very impressed with the finish. No tram lines, no lint and easy to wash!

Ice Fusion Cookie

Swapped over from the Purdy and the Hamilton perfection to these Prodec ice Fusion and these are a far superior roller sleave, love them.

Ice Fusion The DecorMate

Simply the best roller I have used in years. Top quality smooth finish with all types of paint finish. Superb product,

Ice Fusion Angler

Roller is too long to fit 12 & 34; double arm frames as size doesn't include end caps which add another 5mm to length otherwise very good.

Gloss Pile Mini Rollers Carl

Great rollers at a great price well done protect

Titan No Break Cage Frames Carl

Great frames well worth buying , a tad heavy when using on a pole tho

Plastic Handle Cage Frames Carl

Super tool for pole work due to being light weight but robust enough to last top job BP

Ice Fusion Carl

Was lucky enough to get some free samples... how there the only roller sleeves I buy the best sleeve for any paint for any job top job PD

Wooden Handle Cage Frames Whitezombie

Worst roller cages ever bought 6 not 1 will screw on to a pole.

Thanks for your review and we're very sorry to hear you have had issues with this product. We identified a small quality issue with these frames, which we have now addressed but it does sound like you may have had one of the faulty ones. We've contacted you directly as we would like to help to resolve the issue. Thanks again and we're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Titan No Break Cage Frames Lucy

it is a solid frame, heavy but sturdy first choice frame at the job lovely to use never leaves a tram line brilliant overall frame

Titan No Break Cage Frames Stuart

As a professional painter and decorator I use quite a few different prodec products and for the cost there are no better products.

Gloss Pile Mini Rollers Chris

Waw, these gloss rollers are great, I done 6 doors with 3 coats of paint, no shedding, great coverage, Love them, give them a try.

Spiked Roller Pdjack26

Good cage fits nice in the hand works well for the price. Just bought two more.

Double Arm Frames Peeko

Using your twelve inch roller frame is quicker, covers a larger area, with less effort; leaving a superior finish. Size does matter!

Titan No Break Cage Frames Roy brizzo

Been using the Titan roller cage a few years now and I have to say its the best out the lot. All my other predecessors have failed compared

Plastic Handle Cage Frames Pauly

Have just painted walls/ceiling, the Prodec Rollers/Cage frame is far better than forcing a roller between plastic end caps as other brands

1.2m Fixed Extension Pole Na

Good value for money, cannot fault it, well built. Recommended

Titan No Break Cage Frames chippydave

Good roller frame although sleeve does tend to move along on it sometimes.

Super Lock Extension Poles chippydave

A really great bit of kit that works well, locks into place nicely and I now wouldn't be without!


Used 4 inch roller sleeves and they hold the paint and spread evenly. Painted lots of steel work and they were very hard wearing.

Emulsion Roller Kits callaghan decorating services

I would just like to take time to review the ProDec rollers; we use all the ProDec products but the rollers are brilliant and well priced.

Double Arm Frames Nick

12 inch Duo Cast Double Arm Paint Rollers Frame
Good build quality, very reliable. My trusty arm with roller continuously in white matt.

1.2m Fixed Extension Pole Radek

Well priced, durable, does what it says on the tin.

Brush & Roller Cleaner James

I am decorator with 30 years experience and bought a ProDec brush/roller cleaner and taping knives. They perform flawlessly. Top quality.

Masonry Roller Kits Bazz

I used the Prodec Masonry roller kit and found this did the job brilliantly. Only downside was the brush wasn't strong enough for painting.

Titan No Break Cage Frames RAD

It is a bit heavy but if you need very solid and durable roller (especially good on poles), look no further.

Heavy Duty Cage Rollers gvl

The Titan is the best roller frame on the market. I've tried Wooster, Purdy et al and Prodec beats all

Sheepskin Cage Rollers Kev

9 inch emul roller sleeves lovely jubbly

Heavy Duty Cage Rollers Wee neilly

Had used the Prodec masonry roller for many years until recently it broke with me - I have to say it was best roller I'd ever used outside.

Mini Roller Frames Rad

Very light but robust and durable, well priced - I have already 3 of them.

Mini Roller Frames jodie

Fantastic for the job I was doing on new buildings and refurbishments

3′ – 6′ Extension Pole 3-Section 3′ – 6′ Extension Pole Review

A good easy to use product at a great price.

Titan No Break Cage Frames Titan Frame Review

Excellent frame for the money and very strong.

Titan No Break Cage Frames Titan Frame Review

Gloss Pile Mini Rollers Gloss Pile Mini Rollers Review

Excellent mini rollers ideal for the 7 doors I've just glossed. Done a great job

Microfibre Cage Rollers Microfibre Cage Roller Review

Great roller for emulsion - very happy indeed

Sheepskin Cage Rollers Sheepskin Cage Roller Review

These are amongst the best rollers I have used. They hold the right amount of paint for a good even spread and they are incredible value

Titan No Break Cage Frames Titan Frame Review

Great product, well made.

Emulsion Roller Kits Emulsion Roller Kit Review

Great roller and trays. Use regularly great results. Happy customers which is the main thing!

Titan No Break Cage Frames Titan Frame Review

Great frame that is well balanced and has a smooth action.

Titan No Break Cage Frames Titan Frame Review

I decided to try the Titan after seeing it at the P&D show. I've got to say it is a very sturdy tool and looks like it'll be my no1 roller!

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