Reviews of ProDec Products

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger John

Some of the 2" brushes are great to work with. I do find the 3" brush a little loose on paint but would use as a dusting brush.

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Mousey

Brushes are great but could do with metal magnets.

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Brett Carter

Ice Fusions have been an absolute life saver. My favourite brushes.

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Lee gooner

Love ProDec. Super price and the quality is just fantastic.

Dusting Brush Paul

Love my ProDec dusting brush. Value for money and works well with everyday use.

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Basterfield Jason

Best brushes I’ve used. The pick up and brush off is second to none, no brush lines, easy to clean. 10/10 unbeatable for me.

Trojan Brush Set Hr

The Trojan Brush Set is perfect for oil-based topcoat if you like a soft brush.

Decorator Paint Brushes Grip

Absolutely no complaints. Best I've tried. Professional brushes.

Decorator Paint Brushes Building M8

Couldn’t ask for more from these brushes. Completed the job and after a careful wash they are like new. Thank you.

Decorator Paint Brushes Jimmy Maher

Bought a pack of brushes and used them on a full house redecoration. They were brilliant.

Decorator Paint Brushes KC

I have used all the brushes and rollers in the range as I work for Dulux. I’m always so impressed with the quality, usability and value.

Trojan Brush Set Steve

At first they seem floppy but you quickly realise they are perfect. Cutting in is a breeze. Beautiful to work with.

Dusting Brush Gainesy

Great value and quality.

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Gainesy

Wasn’t expecting much at the price point, but I was wrong! Very decent quality and nice finish with emulsion. Will definitely buy again

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Jon cooley plastering

Love the Trade pro brushes, I use them daily on my plasterwork, cleans the corners well with little marking. Very robust so long life.

Premier Paint Brushes Jools

Good quality - easy to use

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Bob

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Jesse smith

Ice fusion brushes best about

Premier Paint Brushes Bk

Hamilton Expression range=These brushes. Fantastic brush for the price. Exactly the same as the Expression Range.

All Purpose Paint Brushes Pebbles

We use these all the time, for a mid range brush they are fantastic and our local store Morris and McGinn in Dawlish, Devon are well priced!

Trojan Brush Set Shazzy

Have always used bristle brushes when decorating but used these for the first time this week. Brilliant, cutting in was a breeze.

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Steve

Very good, no bristle loss and smooth finish

Pure Bristle Wall Brushes Billy

Got a set of 5 standard paint brushes Prodec 2x1 1/2" 2x2" and 1x3" inch best brush I’ve done ever used, as I am an apprentice it’s got me started

Ice Fusion Brushes Jockinabox

In a modern market, prodec ice fusion brushes just wipe the floor with everything. From perfect pick up to flawless lay off... excellent

All Purpose Paint Brushes Bob

Use Painters Dozen's brushes extensively on my boat for gloss, varnish and general paintwork. Excellent value. Highly recommended.

Ice Fusion Brushes Mickey north

2 inch ice fusion.... no brush works quite like it straight out the box, oil or water it's a fantastic brush !

Premier Paint Brushes Rob Salisbury

Good all round brush with minimal bristle loss and pick up is excellent

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Lorenc


9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Mark

Great brushes , worth every penny leave a great finish

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Chris

Never had a problem..van always stocked with IF brushes and 4 inch sleeves.

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger David


Decorator Paint Brushes Priesty

I have gone from Purdy to ProDec an all brushes except 3 inch as I've found they tend to loose a lot bristles to start with.

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Sunny

Absolutely buzzing with these brushes. Good grip and finish on all paints. Will definitely continue to be using them.

Trade Pro Paint Brushes T

Excellent brushes, never let's me down.

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Bigala

Great to use and easy to clean

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Brenda b

Decorator Paint Brushes Indianwolf

I have used these brushes for many years and they're one of the best on the market they hold the paint amazingly, one of the best!

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger Aj

I never use any other make. Good cover!

Ice Fusion Brushes Headline

Ice fusion probably the best brush out there will not be buying purdy ever again

Dusting Brush Brenda b

Fantastic dust brush great value for money and suitable for all aspects of painting 5☆

Synthetic Sash Brushes Tommy

ProDec synthetic sash brushes are excellent I use them them all the time when doing windows

Painter’s Dozen Paint Stu

Great brushes used 12 brushes and angle brush and 3 cutting in brushes all absolutely superb keep up the great work the brushes are perfect

Woodworker Brush Stubop

Got this free with a pack and used it first time today on a bathroom. Great paint pick up and perfect for cutting in. Will buy again

Premier Paint Brushes Ross McAndrew

I use Prodec Premier brushes for nearly all my painting jobs. These brushed hold the paint well with an excellent flow rate.

Premier Paint Brushes Bruce Benn

Prodec Oval Premier brushes getting me in & out of jobs quick! I didn't want to review them as I'm already struggling to find stock!

Pure Bristle Sash Brushes Andy raw

I use this brush for my watercolour skies, the same type of brush in the art shop is £15. Excellent quality brush at a terrific price.

Premier Paint Brushes Pejo

Ice Fusion brush’s seamless ferrule is a design icon. Loads well and spreads out evenly. Filaments kept shape after cleaning. A brush for pros.

Striker Brushes Richard

What happened to these strikers? The SB1 is now smaller, handle snaps easily and doesn't stand up to solvents paints. Bring the old one back

Painter’s Dozen Paint Carpenter not decorator

I’ve just used your Painters Dozen brush set and was very disappointed with their performance. Constant loss of bristles!!!

Trojan Brush Set Mick

Flat Masonry Brushes Mike

Worked really well and performed excellently. Not too stiff or light. Holds paint well and good coverage with each stroke. Excellent value

All Purpose Paint Brushes Painthaus

Used to use a different brand but will only use these now they are very good brushes to use

Trojan Brush Set kev

excellent quality no bristle loss great paint pickup smooth finish great price easy clean

Brush Comb Lytham decorating

Great little tool makes cleaning brushes easy well worth having in the tool kit

Trojan Brush Set Alison Withers

Excellent quality, substantial paint pick up and in my opinion the best brushes for cutting in.

Pure Bristle Wall Brushes Fimac64

Wow so impressed with ProDec brushes - it definitely pays to get the very best!
Amazing results, so easy to cut in with straight lines!

Synthetic Sash Brushes Mad dawg fletcher

Used on a dado rail and skirting boards, excellent cutting in on both mouldings

7″ Block Decking Brush Vicky Wylie

Absolutely love the decking brushes. Used them over the summer to paint my decking and they where fantastic. Will definitely be buying more

Ice Fusion Brushes willie

very good brushes hold the paint well & wash out well

7″ Block Decking Brush Kevin

Ice Fusion Brushes Ty

Love the brushes fantastic

Decorator Paint Brushes Jayjays

I use a lot of proDec that i get from tool station to be honest my actual painting gear if 85% prodec it so cheap but really good quality

Ice Fusion Brushes Craig fuller

I always use ProDec brushes, but the ice fusion brushes are a new favourite. I use the 1" daily for cutting in and its still like new.

Ice Fusion Brushes Victor falcon

I bought this brushes by a suggestion from Brewers Ashford, I was looking for brushes that would give me a smooth finish, best brushes ever.

Ice Fusion Brushes Corrso

The best brush I’ve come across in years. Will be buying more for all my workers as I’m getting the job done quicker & tidier.

All Purpose Paint Brushes Jimmy

Good for what they are, no problem at all, great pick up with a nice finish

Ice Fusion Brushes Hedaz31

First class will be getting some more of these brushes cant rate them enough wish there were more stars

Ice Fusion Brushes Drew

I’ve used the Ice Fusion for the first time. Amazing brush that holds paint well and glides effortlessly. It cleans brilliantly. 100% brush

7″ Block Decking Brush Squirrel

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes The painter man

Fantastic product awesome for cutting in . And laying off

Ice Fusion Brushes Mubbymap

Good brushes,mainly use 2" nice to hold , and holds good amount of paint. Cuts in well, overall very impressed

Ice Fusion Brushes pricey

there are the best brushes I have ever used.

Ice Fusion Brushes Dan

Ice fusion brushes are up there with the best. Quality flow

Premier Paint Brushes Hicky

Very good all-round brushes, and great value. iv used them for years

Ice Fusion Brushes Paddy

Been using the 2'ice fusion on paneled doors &Trim I've been impressed with the finish unlike other brushes they don't clogg up,Great for WB

Ice Fusion Brushes Kevin Comfort

Holds the paint well, kept its shape perfectly. Ideal for cutting in due to its chiselled edge.

7″ Block Decking Brush Manning02

Ice Fusion Brushes Antilles1973

My almost one year old brush still in good nick! Washes out beautifully, back to shape every time. Winner winner in my eyes!

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Fleck

Decorator here using the trade pro brushes, no nonsense bit of gear, no brush marks left behind and simple to wash out after finishing a job

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Tony

Prodec paint brushes
Used Prodec brushes for many years holds paint well cleans up ok after use

Ice Fusion Brushes David ball

I was lucky enough to get hold of the ice fusion brushes before release, as a decorator so stuck in my ways, Ice fusion has change the game!

Dusting Brush Ali Withers

Excellent product that keeps it's shape for years

Ice Fusion Brushes Drew

Perfect great brushes

Ice Fusion Brushes Pgray83

Well what can I say.perfect brush. I managed to get hold of one of these at the p&d show and was given the talk about how good they are.

Ice Fusion Brushes Dazza

ice fusion brushes look & feel good I thought a bit soft at first but Soon got used to that & found them to be very impressive easy to clean

Ice Fusion Brushes Scottish Dec

Effortless Cutting in.
Flawless Lay off ability.
Plastic sleeve a great addition.
Brush looks really smart.
Game changer for brushes.

Ice Fusion Brushes Scottish Dec

The plastic sleeve is a great addition
The brush looks incredible
Effortless cutting in
Fantastic lay off abilities
Game changer

Ice Fusion Brushes BillyWiz

These are the 'swiss army knife' of brushes. A versatile pros brush. A brush for all water-based applications.

Ice Fusion Brushes Csdec94

There ok but after time tend to shed bristles quicker than a similar product in this price range.

Ice Fusion Brushes Lorraine

Bought these brushes a few days ago. Nice to handle, holds a good amount of paint, and good for cutting in. Mainly use the 2" brush!

Ice Fusion Brushes Jay

Wow what can I say. Amazing brushes! They load well, great for cutting in and leave an exceptional finish and great value for money!

Decorator Paint Brushes Jojo

Ice Fusion Brushes Teddy

Fantastic product

Ice Fusion Brushes Teddy

Ice Fusion Brushes Martin

The Ice Fusion brush is THE best brush I've ever used bar none !! The finish it leaves is unbelievable, I'm sticking with these now !

Windsor Paint Brushes Ash

I brought a few of these in different sizes (1,1.5,2 inch) very good in oil based paints and are fine in brushmates.

Pure Bristle Sash Brushes Rich wise

Great brushes amazing quality just what I have come to love about every ProDec product I have ever used.

Premier Paint Brushes james

What can I say but what a brilliant product!!!
As a decorator I have used some very expensive brushes but these ROCK! for value and quality

Striker Brushes James

Pic is inaccurate. Sb1 brush head used to be 30mm. Its now smaller, has a useless pencil thin handle and performs nothing like it used to.
Hi James, thanks for your review. I have sent you a direct message regarding your feedback.

Premier Paint Brushes Lytham decorating

Great mid range brush only wash out in warm water and they stay good for ages

Premier Paint Brushes Steven

Excellent quality brushes your oval inch and half is great for cutting in doesn't drag and cleans well after use every time.

Premier Paint Brushes Andersman

Top product.
Always used Purdey stuff before but this is 5 star

Premier Paint Brushes KFX PAINTERS

Great set of brushes reasonably priced
Made for the trade by the trade
Top marks

Premier Paint Brushes Mutley

Top quality brushes at an excellent price

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Lewis McLaughlin

I recently bought a packet of 5 Prodec Brushes, they are really good, and the price for 5 is unreal.

Premier Paint Brushes Hotdog

Excellent brushes great flow hold the paint very well. Would highly recommend these brushes.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Lisa Gough

I was given this brush to try, I found it easy to clean, comfortable to grip and easy to use for accurate cutting in. Would recommend.

Premier Paint Brushes trac

Premier Paint Brushes Mark kay

Tryed many named brushes, I have to say these are great, made by professionals for professionals

Premier Paint Brushes George

Great value and leave a great finish.

Pure Bristle Wall Brushes rjmaan

Superb Quality

Premier Paint Brushes Paul

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Wilki

Great brushes for day to day decorating tasks they are the right price do everything the more expensive brushes do at a fraction of the cost

Premier Paint Brushes Peko

Slick, stylish and innovative, these brushes hold extra paint in the bristles, then evenly releases the paint with each brush stroke. Clever

Premier Paint Brushes Bruciebaby

Premier Paint Brushes John Kelly

1.5 ice fusion brush at the Painter and Decorators show used it a few times now very nice brush does not clog up nice to cut in as well

Premier Paint Brushes Gazza

Premier Paint Brushes Ton head

Very good brushes never loses its cutting in edge and easy to clean out holds well in the stock of the brush keep up the good work ProDec

Woodworker Brush TDEC85

Great little brush. I use them for applying water based wood stains, only wish they came in more sizes.

Trojan Brush Set Daws

Comfy, good weight, great lines and comfy handles! The slash cut brush is spot on! Will be ordering another pack!

Premier Paint Brushes Mark kay

Love these brushes, made for the true professional, help my work look the best.

Trojan Brush Set Jay

Really nice brushes, weighted nicely in your hand, bristles a little too 'floppy' at first but after a days use they work well

Trade Pro Paint Brushes First choice deco

Have several packs these I use regularly rarely loosing bristles clean out really well and get good quality finish highly recommend

Premier Paint Brushes paula6505

Before I bought ProDec paint brushes I used to buy purdys and I've got to say ProDec brushes win hands down.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Jay

Not much hair loss, keeps lines sharp. Defo recommend

Premier Paint Brushes Pricey

Premier Paint Brushes sm

Have used Prodec brush’s for years. They are are always good quality and ar a fantastic price

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Beth

Have just started using Prodec brushes, and am not disappointed! High quality brushes, at a great trade price. My favourite trade company.

Trojan Brush Set Daws89

Wow! The feel of the brush handle and the quality of the bristles make this an amazing brush. The little 2” slash cut is AWESOME!

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes FC Decorating

Really good brushes can't fault them really have used many times and will continue to use

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Argyle malc

Started to use prodec brushes and sundries about a year ago after using other makes I use prodec all the time now as it is better value

Decorator Paint Brushes Bazz

I bought the oval brushes to use on a dining room which was to have pewter inlays around the timbered wall. The shape was a perfect fit.

Premier Paint Brushes Chris

Used Prodecs 2” Premier Cutting in Brush today, and I’m impressed. Its firm, springy bristles produce long, sharp lines with excellent flow.

Decorator Paint Brushes Simon Avery

Good products I will use again

Premier Paint Brushes Gazza

These brushes are brilliant

Trade Pro Paint Brushes tel d

I like these brushes,no bristle loss,nice even finish

Trade Pro Paint Brushes andy

I like most of the prodec products,but not many stores stock it in my area this would be idea.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Carl

Had same set for a few years now still get a great finish top job PD

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Jacko33faith


Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had an issue with the paint brushes. I have sent you a message to see what we can do to help with this matter.

Woodworker Brush willie

The angled short brush. Is great, cheap, easy to use and stands up with some of the more expensive brushes. Holds paint very well.

Premier Paint Brushes Dave

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Mike St. Peter

Absolutely love these brushes for water based an oil based paints a DREAM to work with 5* from me

Woodworker Brush Brad

This brush has changed, recently purchased, and compared to the previous ones it now seems bushier & thicker & less good for cutting in :-(

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Mike.sp

Will be using this brush again and again, very happy with my product thank you to ProDec for a great product and customer service. Thumbs up...

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Painterj26

Superb brush set brilliant filament and handles fit nice in your hand. They flow very nice in water based and solvent based paint.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Giobb

These are the best brushes ever used you can cut in with them straight away and get crisp Lines the quality speaks for itself

Premier Paint Brushes Miss C decorator

Absolutely love; the best pack I have, so much so I'm recommending to all my new apprentices at work

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Jay gosling

Perfect for all types of cutting in, makes it such an easy job.

Premier Paint Brushes Jum

Really good brushes

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Janine & Joanna

The X Zero is our hero for everyday use light weight wooden handle makes easy to glide, sort synthetic bristles makes a treat for cutting in

Premier Paint Brushes Ashley Wiles

Got a Prodec Premier brush to use in o/b gloss. Holds plenty of paint and lays off well for a nice finish. Will use again.

Premier Paint Brushes Jum

Cracking bit of kit

Premier Paint Brushes Postie

Great quality and ease of use, washes out nicely and lasts a long time.

Trade Pro Paint Brushes Miss C

Definitely the best cutting in brush I have ever used so much so I have given all my others away and I am in the process of changing all mine.

Premier Paint Brushes Mike Travanti

Great products, holds the paint really well. And fantastic price

Premier Paint Brushes Loretta

I bought a Premier paintbrush to paint my kitchen. The brush was a good strong bristle brush great for little crevices & larger spaces.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Bazza

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Mat

These brushes are so easy to use. Really get on with them and has a superb finish.

Synthetic Lining Fitches callaghan decorating services

ProDec is one of the best decorating products on the market; we find ProDec to be affordable but high quality goods,

5pc Fitch Variety Pack Sid98

A good product which is strong and can be used over and over again.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Bazza

X5 Synthetic Paint Brushes Nick inman

These brushes are allways the first I look for when am renewing. The over all quality and life time of the brush is ecseptional.

Contractor Paint Brushes Andy payne

Prodec brushes & roller sleeves are my first choice reliable and great finish! Oh and a good price :-)

9 Ring Pure Bristle Paperhanger polly filler

Fantastic solid brush, easy to use, clean. Bristle excellent and brush lightweight. Would recommend to all decorators for great application.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes johnjtaylor64

Tried the rest, but found the BEST.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes ray kercher

Pro quality at an amazing price. I purchased these brushes months ago and they are still producing the same quality as the day purchased.

X0 Synthetic Paint Brushes Spud

I have used the new X zero brushes for water based paints. Best brushes by far on doors etc they don't loose shape and are not damaged.

Corinthian Brush Set was voted best apprentice in scotland by spda

Brilliant brushes, I have used these for a while now. Great to cut in to get the perfect edge, gets even better results if you keep using them.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes Strong Point Ltd

Excellent brushes. Dulux Decorators and we will look at using these!

Woodworker Brush Tosher

Great brush!! Great flow and comfortable to hold. Customer service at ProDec was first class.

X5 Synthetic Brushes X5 Synthetic Brush Review

Easy to work with brush which glides round any edge giving a fantastic finish and neat straight lines. Easy to clean out and lasts forever!

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush Review

Been in the trade for 40+ years. To be honest getting a decent professional paint brush without breaking the bank or feeling ripped off

White Bristle Sash Brushes White Bristle Sash Brush Review

These brushes are brilliant perfect for cutting in windows etc

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush Review

5pc Fitch Variety Pack 5pc Fitch Variety Pack Review

Up there with some of the leading manufacturers of brushes. Holds paint well, stays in shape and for the price they are well worth the money

X7 Synthetic Paint Brushes X7 Synthetic Paintbrush Review

Best brush I've used in water or oil.

Woodworker Brush Woodworker Brush Review

Used the brush for cutting in my wall to ceiling done an excellent job

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush Review

Bought a pack of these to try. Been in the trade 40+ years and I have to say they are the best I have used in a long time. 5 stars ++

Dusting Brush Dusting Brush Review

Great dusting brush to have. Nice, light and soft bristled. Great for getting into all the corners. Great value for money

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush Review

They are really good in oil top brush

Wall Brushes Wall Brush Review

Brilliant products that never let you down.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush Review

Recently purchased an X-Zero synthetic brush. Fantastic performance and outstanding value for money. Will be my first choice from now on.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush Review

Great brush that doesn't cost a fortune.

Great results.

X-Zero Synthetic Paint Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush Review

Can't fault these brushes. Won't use anything else except ProDec products. Gotta be the best for cutting in and great for painting with.

Sash Brushes Sash Brushes Review

Absolutely amazing brushes, tried various other brands of sash brushes and none of its competitors come close. Precise and great value too!

X-Zero Synthetic Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrushes Review

Good value and held a good amount of paint as promised.

Corinthian Brush Set Corinthian Brush Set Review

After using Purdy Pro Extra for years I decided to try these and I can't fault the spreading rate, the cutting in and especially the value.

X5 Synthetic Brushes X5 Synthetic Paintbrush Review

I have been using purdy brushes for a least 15 years and never found another brush to compare it with until now - and half the price.

Woodworker Brush Woodworker Brush Review

The Pro Dec Woodworker brush is fantastic. The price is unbelievable. How do you do it? Excellent for cutting in to. A great all rounder.

X-Zero Synthetic Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush Review

These brushes are excellent better then I had expected; you get what you pay for. Highly recommend.

X-Zero Synthetic Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush Review

I used this brush in both Crown emulsion paint and Crown water based varnish. There was no hair loss, I was really impressed with it.

X-Zero Synthetic Brushes X-Zero Synthetic Paintbrush

These brushes are fantastic. I was a synthetic skeptic for some time but the X-Zero range has totally changed my mind.

X-Zero Synthetic Brush Erik S

After using other brand synthetic brushes for over 15-years these brushes did have a different feel, stiffer, but I gave this a proper test and so far excellent.

X-Zero Synthetic Brush Peter R

Great product.

X-Zero Synthetic Brush Simon I

A decent brush for cutting in emulsion.

X-Zero Synthetic Brush DPC

Overall, an excellent product.

X-Zero Synthetic Brush Ian H

Very good bristle, a little stiff. But all-in-all, very good.

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